Co-housing, a revisited way of living,  in which groups and individuals  with shared interests and aims come together to form a community sharing  space and home facilities  in an economically friendly way.  These communities are set up and organised by all members on a day-to-day basis creating a more social lifestyle and neighbourhood as opposed to modern day streets where social interaction is dwindling and the sense of “neighbourhood” is lost.

With peaks in oil prices it is becoming imperative to switch to a more sustainable way of living...

Aims and benefits of co housing:
  • Sustainability- achieved through shared electrical facilities and used of bio fuels e.g. laundry and shared car use of the community, and housing built-ins such as PV systems and green energy harvesting. Also vegetation plots communally tended to keep cost of food down and a sustainable food supply. Co-housing is a non-profit way of life.
  • Affordability- with use of above green energy systems living costs are minimalised. Also with use of shared facilities individual pods and private spaces can be smaller to reduce running costs.
  • Community- secure environment regenerating a friendly neighbourhood environment with common likeminded people. The community as a whole develops the area and decisions are made together with equal ownership rights.