Sustainable Features

  • Use of Steel In Agricultural and Industial buildings
  • Advantages of using Steel in buildings

When talking about modern sustainable and environmental friendly agricultural or industrial buildings steel is the way forward.

Over 60% of new steel is recycled.

And research shows that 99% of structural steel arising from demolition in the UK is recycled.

Worldwide 500 million tonnes of steel are recycled every year. 

The main advantage of a steel framed building is the freedom it allows, buildings can be any shape and customised to the consumers needs, while maintaining environmentally friendly.

Steel framed buildings provide a large opened span area which is ideal for agricultural needs.

Steel is theoretically 100% recyclable 


Advantages with Steel

Steel buildings allow the following features to be incorporated in buildings;

  • Designed to exact measurements provided by the customer.
  • A huge selection of roller doors positioned anywhere on the building.
  • Personal access doors, on almost any location on the buildings.
  • Windows anywhere on the building.
  • Optional anti-condensation barrier applied to the roof.
  • A range of single-skin cladding profiles to choose from
  • Polyester or plastisol finishes.
  • Double skin composite panels ranging from 40mm to 80mm thick.
  • Double skin composite with panels - 40mm to 80mm thick.
  • Skylights in the roof.
  • Garaports to the front and/or back of the garages.
  • Lean-tos to the left and/or right side of the garage.
  • Internal partition walls.
  • Open bays almost anywhere in the building.
  • Mezzanine floors at any height.
  • Custom designed staircases.