Design Advice For Barn Conversions

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Openings & Rainwater Goods
  • Landscaping

  • Break up roof mass, vary the roof pitches
  • Try and match the roof to other existing buildings in colour, shape and mass
  • Use darker tones for roof finish
  • Do not use a shiny finish as this will create glare
  • Reuse existing roof materials

  • Use timber boarding as it blends in well with traditional buildings
  • If using modern range of materials then use subdued colour tones
  • Incorporate old walls where possible
  • Use prefabricated concrete walls
  • Use traditional materials in conversion
  • Avoid using reconstructed stone, concrete, aluminium

Openings and Rainwater Goods

  • If adding new windows try and blend them in with the existing building
  • Avoid using UPVC windows
  • Avoid new openings where possible
  • New windows should have painted frames
  • Pay attention to the spacing between large doors, roof and walls
  • Retain large openings such as cart doors
  • Ventilation should be between upper and lower levels
  • Rainwater goods should match roof colour


  • Use existing trees, banks and hedges
  • If planting new trees use local species
  • The landscape is part of the building